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We Made a Book Trailer for Girl With A Knife Book One: Assault

We did a book trailer.  It is really good.  I have of course watched it a bunch of times and it gives me chills. Hats off to the incredible group that put it together – Circle of Seven Productions https://cosproductions.com/ If you are an author considering a book trailer, I unreservedly recommend COS Productions. Give […]

Was Carlos Ruiz Zafon The Greatest Fiction Writer Ever?

You probably know by now that I love Ken Follett’s writings more than anything, and I have tried to emulate him in what I have written so far.  But I have to wonder about Mr. Zafon as a special inspiration.  Unlike Ken Follett – and me, so far – every paragraph of Zafon’s books are […]

Writing is (Not) Like Riding a Bicycle

As you know, I am a first-time (published) fiction author, and this book took a lot of time – and incredible effort – to raise back up the creative writing skills that smoldered when I was a school-age kid.  In my youth, I was really good at making up stories and writing them.  My writing […]

The Unquiet Art of Character Dialogue

As I mentioned in my last post, the characters of Girl With A Knife came alive for me at some point as I was writing the book. When that started happening, the dialogue and interactions among the characters started to flow out of me so fast that I imagined there truly was smoke coming from […]

My process and my characters

As I wrote Girl With a Knife something strange happened to me, which is that my characters came truly alive to me. Hopefully this is because I have become a good writer and my characters developed truly dynamic personalities as the book progressed. I guess readers will decide that; however, something that flowed out of […]

Who Is My Audience?

I thought my audience was supposed to be a type of person, such as:   Women Men Kids Adults  Older people  Younger people  Historical fiction aficionados  Yada yada yada    But being honest that isn’t it at all.     Instead, I have concluded that my audience is people who love to get sucked into page-turning […]

Who is James Tobias Hogg?

After thinking about it, I am becoming The World’s (Second) Most Interesting Man.  I didn’t plan it that way, but that is what seems to be happening.  And the more things I start to do, the more it gives rise to still more things. I have so many hobbies and things going on now that […]