Where Did James Tobias Hogg Come From?

So where did James Tobias Hogg come from?  Here is the background:


To start out, I don’t really like my (real) name that much.  There is nothing wrong with it, but it just isn’t that interesting a name.  If only I could be James Bond, and say when people asked my name: 


The name is Bond.  James Bond!


How exciting that would be.  Well, I wasn’t going to really change my name at age 65, but I thought my pseudonym would begin with James.


Then we get to Tobias.  That is even stranger I guess.  But in my law firm business whenever we are talking about someone who is a metaphor, we have used the name “Toby”.  I have no idea why this happened – it just did – but after 25 years everyone in my law firm now uses Toby as a metaphor.  So Tobias seemed like a good middle name. 


And now the Hogg part, which I bet you are wondering about.   The answer there is stranger yet, and is based on the fact that my wife and I have been collecting pigs for about 35 years.  Without giving away too much I hope, my wife’s nickname is Sweetie Pig and our house is festooned with pigs – probably well over 1000 pig stuff infests our residence.  As the crowning touch, our front yard has eleven pig topiaries looking out proudly on the street, no doubt to our neighbors’ glee.  So that leads you to a pig-type name, which I decided would be Hogg.  


Now you know everything!