A Word About The Next Book in the Girl With A Knife Series: Defense!

The next book in the Girl With A Knife series, Defense, will be released on May 23, 2023.

I want to be careful what I write here.  I don’t want this to be a spoiler; however, I can say that if you liked Assault, you would certainly like Defense, as Faythe continues to get stronger and stronger the more terrible her adversity.

She is truly a force of nature.  Stuck in a time when women – especially young women – had few rights and were only one level up from personal property – Faythe continues to have none of that and set the terms of her destiny on her own.  The more ruthless and vicious her adversaries become, the tougher Faythe becomes.

And consider, only a few months before, she was just a teenage girl whose biggest concern was whether to marry the (very cute) boy next door, who was in love with her.

Things changed for Faythe awfully fast.  But sometimes heroes are not born that way; instead, heroism is thrust upon them by circumstance.

In Book II – Defense – Faythe – stronger than ever – shows what she is made of, and why being her adversary is fraught with peril of its own.

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Girl With A Knife Book Two: Defense